by Careers In Science

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released June 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Careers In Science Toronto, Ontario

Nerdy post-punk and hardcore influenced punk rock by way of Black Flag and Devo; fast, guitar-driven songs about giant monsters, suburban paranoia, and that moment when you realize you're no longer a kid. Throw in a healthy dose of satire and video game references and you've got Careers In Science. ... more

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Track Name: Back to Business
We are two partners in a contract, and we've forgotten what this merger was for.
We need to reassess our MISSION, VISION, VALUES, before performance evals in the fall.

I want to reinvest.
It's profitable, it's best.
I want to reinvest in this flagging, failing outfit of ours

Our stalemate hurts our longterm projections for the future. Shut the business pages dear, and come over here. We should shut the door.

I want these reports off of my desk, and we'll drown all this talk of losses at all in our noisy sound of conference. I don't want to liquidate and leave.

I think that we should plan an awkward office romance in the supply closet,
if we can, if we remember how. I think it's worth it to try.
I want to reinvest.
Track Name: All Our Birthdays
It's Matthew, Eric, David, or Callum's birthday. He's getting old. Like, really, really old. Like really, REALLY, really old.
We're not growing up, because there's no growing anymore, because we're turning 24 (or 27.) It's ALL our birthdays. We're getting old... like, really, REALLY really old.
Track Name: The Shape of Punk That's Left
Will I have to trade all of my black and white t-shirts for x-rays?
And what will become of my memories, like the time I sang "True Believers" up on stage?
And what about my friends? Will any of them make it to my last event? Cuz I know the show's across town, and I never draw, so what should I do?

I've got to hold on, hold on.
I've got to hold on, hold on to everything,
I've got a hold on everything, drape these old flyers over me from when we were young and could never die. What have you done when you've D.I.Y.?

And maybe I'm overreacting, and I'm the first kid with an axe to grind who's never gonna die, never gonna die, never gonna die.

These are the conversations that I need to have with myself.
I can't wear nihilism, it clashes with my leather belt.
These are the conversations, the doubts that I have with each breath, and after every song sung I'm not sure how much I have left.
Track Name: Local News
Tonight! There are bears on the freeway, and the subway's still closed, and there's people, they're screaming, and a suit sale at Moore's, and a shooting in the food court that we all knew would come, and are your kids going to die?

Turn off the local news, I need something I can use.
There's a little bit too much going on inside, and I see no home, no pride:
That's not who I am anymore.

Why must these revelations be overnight sensations? Why must I sit, resign myself to constant consternation? I want these revelations. I'll raise my expectations. I want these higher expectations higher still.

I'm not scared of going outdoors.
I'm not sick and I'm not sore.
I've seen worse and I'll see more.
I'm not scared of going outdoors, I've seen better and I'll see more:
that's not who I am anymore.
Track Name: When We Have Money
Service sector economy:
They pay me just enough to keep my sense of liberty.
I have this recurring fantasy I'll come back to the restaurant in 20 years and take a seat and nobody will know me.

And I will order all the things that you can't buy with staff meals, it'll be perfect, and I will buy the restaurant and lock the doors and take the staff bowling.

We say, "When we have money, we'll start a garden."
We say, "When we have money, we'll make our houses look like our parents houses."
We say, "When we have money, we'll travel somewhere."
We say, "When we have money, we'll have matching dinnerware."

Retail sector economy: not a lot of wiggle room in the paycheque for my RSPs.
I have this recurring fantasy, I'll come back in 20 years and all the stock will be out on the street for a going out of business sale.
Buy up all the shirts and put them out into the road, it'll be perfect, and I will punch the walls and rip the shelves off with my fingernails and it won't hurt, and I'll spit on the carpet, thank the owner for the chance and say "best of luck in your next business."

I've worked coffee all my life. If you want to make coffee, you need to work coffee.
I've worked retail all my life. If you want to sell hoodies, you need to work retail.
I've been banking all my life. If you want to make money, you need to start banking.
I've made music all my life. We'll never make money, we need a new deadline.

One day, when we have money, we'll just have money.
Track Name: Cowards
I know what you think, I'm afraid.
It scares the piss right out of me to put off facing everything that I need to stand up and face, just to visit friends, and play some games, and hide away.

We know what you think, we're okay.
What waits for us that can not wait?
If being brave is never knowing what you can not face alone,
then we surrender,
we're all cowards.